We are delighted to announce that two of our students at John Leggott College have won the Rathbones Folio Mentorship prize.

The Folio Academy launched a mentorship programme in 2017 alongside First Story, an initiative who bring professional writers into low income communities to work with teachers and students to foster their creativity skills.

Weronika Baranowska (Ronnie) and Mariamah Davey, former Gainsborough Academy student, set up the Creative Writing society at John Leggott College during their first year of college which shows their dedication to literature. Whilst working with First Story at JLC students had the opportunity to apply for the scheme. Out of four winners nationally, we are the proud college of two of them!

Ronnie is overwhelmed she was selected, and was proud of her friend for being able to join her. “I am really grateful for this opportunity as I would like to study Creative Writing at university. I am especially looking forward to having the time from my mentor to support me.”

“I use creative writing as an escape and a hobby so I am really looking forward to sharing this with my mentor as reading and writing is a passion of mine.” Mariamah studies Health and Social Care and Business Studies at college but creative writing is a talent and outlet for her.

On the 28th September, Ronnie and Mariamah will meet with their mentors at the British Library. They will then work together on creative writing throughout the year.

David Green, Area Lead of English, “The English Department are incredibly proud of Ronnie and Mariamah. This is a great achievement and an exciting opportunity for young writers to develop their craft.”



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