What have Lindsey Lodge and John Leggott College been working on together??


Over the past week our Art Foundation students at John Leggott College have been working on a brief presented by Lindsey Lodge for an exciting event happening in April 2020. They had two days following the brief to submit a design for next year’s secret event. 

The design specification was to meet a digital and fit for reproduction in multiple mediums; in line with Lindsey Lodge Hospice’s long-standing brand, and reputation in the local community featuring John Leggott College. 

The Art Foundation students were split into groups to complete the specification and each group presented their work to three judges from the hospice. 

We had an array of artwork, interpretation and styles that the students chose to use, all with interesting attributes that met the specification. All students involved were incredible and we are looking to showcase their work in the future. However, there could only be one winning group.

Eden and Georgina produced a piece which showcased both brands together and was the ideal fit for this exciting event. 

The rationale behind their design was to keep it eye catching, simple and easy to read in all different mediums. The style was very sophisticated and professional which was one of the reasons the students were selected. They were the first pair up to present their brief to the judges, hiding their nerves well behind their spectacular designs. 

“It was a great opportunity to have a chance to experience a real life brief from such a fantastic organisation and our work to be used for an upcoming event! “ said Eden Dowdle, a former Baysgarth student. Eden’s specialism in her Art course is focused around textiles and graphics which really shone through in this piece. 

Georgina Binch, former Queen Elizabeth student went on to say, “We are both really proud of the work we have produced together as we put a lot of effort into this. It was difficult but fun at the same time and it was great to work together on such an exciting project.” 

We are excited to share with you their artwork over the next week, keep an eye on JLC and Lindsey Lodge Social Media to see the event reveal!

Watch this space……

*The students artwork has been blurred to keep the surprise, we can’t wait to find their final piece with you*

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