Introducing: Lewis Robbins, former Melior and current John Leggott College Art Foundation student.


Lewis has been chosen by the curator from the Visual Arts Centre 20-21 to display his amazing artwork in the “Introducing 2019” series of exhibitions from the North Lincolnshire region for a solo show.


Seven pieces of Lewis’ artwork will be displayed down the corridor to the galleries. The dramatic pieces will be available to view from the 19th of November to the 7th of December (2019).

Summarising his work, Lewis said, “Over the past year, my artwork has become a vessel for my thoughts and emotions and I hope this comes through to the viewers. When I paint, I never think of it as a hobby, but something I just need to do as a creative person.”


Lewis studied Art as an Extended Diploma where some his work was based on biro techniques. Over the past year he has extended his range of artistic skills with acrylic paint, which has heavily driven his thought-provoking portraits and figurative works on show in the 20-21 exhibition.


Lucian Freud and Jenny Saville are amongst two of the artists that have inspired Lewis as part of his work displayed at 20-21. Lewis’ work is fuelled through his emotions which he encaptures with his artistic eye to project an array of stimulating messages which will captivate viewers of his pieces.


We encourage the local community, our students and staff of John Leggott College to visit to support Lewis on his first ever exhibition in our local Scunthorpe-based Visual Arts Centre, 20-21.


“We are very grateful as a college for one of our students’ artwork to be displayed which will support him building his future portfolio.” Leon Riley, Principal of John Leggott College.


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