We know that these are anxious times for all – the decision to reopen schools and colleges is very contentious. The college has taken a measured approach that protects but also ensures that learners are not left behind during this period. The college will fully comply with all guidance provided by Government. Below are some frequently asked questions – this will be updated regularly.


When do you plan to re-open?

15th June in line with all other sixth form colleges in the region – this is to ensure that Health & Safety measures are in place. The health and safety of all staff and students is a major priority for the college and it is therefore impossible to open earlier without taking additional risks.


Will you be open every day?

Yes but in a different way. We will offer to individual students the opportunity to book into sessions that will last for three hours. These will focus on academic lessons (A Levels), progression, wellbeing and 1:1 support.


What will be happening in the 3 hour sessions?

Academic sessions (A Levels) are designed for therapy work or recovery work and will be prioritised for students who feel they are the most behind. In academic sessions these are designed for therapy or recovery work. With regards progression, support around employment and to university or other next steps. With regards wellbeing, the opportunity to seek more individualised support with regards anxiety and stress.


How do I book a slot?

Follow this link


Will there be a member of the Well-being team and a First Aider on site every day?

Yes, The first aider will be available via the first aid mobile, it is a different person each day. The Well-being staff will be in the well-being office in the ARC.


How do I access the site?

You will come in via reception, WCSH gate, Glover Road or the door to MMC – this will depend on which classroom you are going to.


Do I have to attend college?

We want to offer all students the opportunity, but if you feel virtual learning is working for you or you are anxious, you do not need to attend college.


Will I be allowed to stay all day?

No you must come to your session promptly and then leave the site directly afterwards. This is to limit the numbers on site and to aid with social distancing measures etc.


Will I be allowed to come in when I haven’t booked in?



What are the start and finishing times?

A morning session will be 9:00am – 12noon and an afternoon session will be 1:00pm – 4:00pm


What catering faculties are there?

There will be none; no students will be on site for more than 3 hours at a time. You are strongly encouraged to bring refreshments with you. If you are in receipt of free school meals or bursary meals you will receive payments into the bank as you have been doing.


What happens if I have a medical condition?

You should follow the advice as detailed within the government guidance on vulnerable people, and educational settings. 


Can I use social spaces, computer rooms, canteen spaces etc?

No you must come to your session promptly and then leave directly afterwards. You will be assigned a teacher/support staff member and a classroom for your session, they will have all the resources they need.  This is to limit the numbers on site and to aid with social distancing measures etc.


Will transport be provided?

No transport will be provided in the first week. Government guidance suggests that you should not use public transport.

Initially, students will have to be dropped off/walk/cycle.  We are looking at opportunities to offer transport for future weeks. We are liaising with the local authority as part of this process, currently they cannot guarantee spaces will be available. Further information will be shared as it becomes available.


Where do I get dropped off and and picked up? Can I come in my own car?

Please use the car park opposite the college where students usually park for either being dropped off or using your own car.


I am happy with remote teaching do I still have to come in?

You may be strongly encouraged if your teachers believe that you are off track. However, this is at your personal discretion and no formal attendance is being taken during this period.


What happens if I feel ill?

Please ensure that you do not attend college if you feel unwell. If you become unwell whilst at college please make your teacher aware who will direct you on what to do.


What support is available?

We are offering well-being and progression support as well as the therapy and recovery support.


How will the classes be set up?

Classes will comprise no more than 7 learners and one teacher. Desks will be laid out to adhere to social distancing.


Will I be at a disadvantage if I don’t come in?

The college will look at different ways at supporting you. Feedback from learners is largely positive over virtual learning, however for some, it has not been as effective.  We will look at other ways to support learners who do not feel comfortable coming in and are off track.


I’m worried about my progress

Specific opportunities will be created so you can meet the Academic Advocate team who will talk through your progress and come up with an action plan of support.


I’m worried about applying to university or employment

Specific on-site sessions are being made available to support learners with regards applications to university/employment. Virtual surgeries will be held in the next few weeks.


What health and safety measures are you taking?

We are operating a one way system where possible, 2 meters social distancing, offering hand sanitiser, soap and water (in toilet areas), wipes in classrooms, PPE. A video is being produced for you and your son/daughter to listen to. Numbers are being kept low by the booking system. Different entrances are being utilised to cut down on numbers entering, posters will be around college advising of these measures.


What if I don’t follow these measures?

Failure to adhere to instructions re social distancing, movement around the college etc can put yourself and others at risk. This will result in the Behaviour Policy being enacted.


What PPE will there be?

We are ensuring that the college complies to every Government Guidance regarding Health &Safety. You are our number one priority and as a consequence the college has decided to put in place additional requirements above government guidance. Face masks will be available for anyone wishing to wear one (staff and learners). This will be a choice and not enforced. These will be available at the entrances to the college.


Are those who are doing BTECs / vocational courses able to come in for support as well? Or get extra support if they cannot come in?

Students on these courses will get the opportunity to attend before the end of the academic year and more information will be provided at a later date. For now, remote teaching and learning is working effectively for these courses to keep the vast majority on track.

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