Speakers for Schools illuminated John Leggott students with an eye-opening talk from businessman and philanthropist Angus Forbes last Friday.  

Forbes wants people to consider a Global Climate Authority which would transcend national boundaries. 

As the “first supranational authority, one designed solely to protect and enhance a biosphere”, his ideas hold revolutionary zeal. 

John Leggott College frequently holds a range of virtual talks for motivated students with successful professionals including TikTok’s UK General Manager Rich Waterworth.

Only “7% of the UK population”, according to Speakers for Schools, are in private education yet they dominate leading professions – informative and engaging talks like this one are levelling the playing field. Staff believe the talks have a positive impact on the students- Area Lead for English, David Green said Angus Forbes was “very passionate and engaging about the biosphere, educating and inspiring students to think about their roles and impact upon the planet.”  

Forbes advocates global governance of the biosphere; in other words having an individual, transparent and elected team of specialists focused on preserving the earth’s climate. 

His zoom session addressed self-determination and topically, changes caused by the pandemic.

Saying our current system is “structurally flawed”, he argues that with an interconnected structure international crises such as COVID-19 could have had a faster and more efficient global response, prioritising human and natural health rather than the economy. 

Students gave Forbes a run for his money in a Q&A, raising issues like how the global governance solution could handle difficult problems such as the war and the hypocrisy of sustainability. Second year student Sumeya  Mohamed believes the way forward will require a global response led by the youth and people of colour”, which Forbes seconded, suggesting the movement would be led by the Eastern world. 

Furthermore, Sumeya said it was a perspective that I had never thought about before. Whilst some may say it is a rather authoritarian solution, I thought it was a radical and intriguing one to this growing problem” and she appreciated his “honesty and realism”

Forbes works with his wife Dame Darcey Bussell (former judge on Strictly) on philanthropic interests as well as founding Bankers without Boundaries in 2014 where he remains Chairman. 

What a privilege for John Leggott students to continue to be inspired by radically new views expressed concisely for the next generation.

Chloe Smith, John Leggott College – Journalism Intern

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