Important information

From Tuesday 5th January to Friday 8th only, your onsite classes are restricted to only those where an examination/end assessment is taking place this academic year (ie between now and July 2021)

The timetable for that week will operate as now

This means that for the following:

  • GCSE English or Maths
  • Second Year A levels
  • Level 2 courses
  • BTEC/CTEC classes where you have an external assessment and complete your course between now and July 2021

Your 3 hr lessons classes will be on site (as now, with remote sessions in the afternoons on Tuesday and Thursday)

Classes will be delivered remotely for all sessions that week for the following:

  • First year A levels
  • BTEC/CTEC classes where you do not have any further external assessments between now and July 2021
  • Any other classroom based activity

For example – if you are taking three GCE A levels and in your first year at College, all of your lessons will be remote. If you are on the first year of a BTEC programme with no external assessments and taking GCSE Maths alongside, your GCSE class will be onsite but not your BTEC classes.

Please only attend onsite for those classes as directed above, and ensure you engage remotely for all other classes.

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