Dear Student


As you know, the college will be reopening on Monday 8 March. For the first two weeks, face-to-face lessons will take place in the morning only, with afternoon lessons moving on line, and with a full day on a Wednesday. We will be running our usual timetable, so come in to college on those mornings when you will usually have a lesson. To keep the college as safe as we can, there will only be limited on-site catering (as has happened before) and as soon as you have finished your lesson you’ll need to go straight home for your afternoon online learning.


Covid Testing


As you know, we have worked incredibly hard since the start of the pandemic last March to keep our College as safe as possible. I want to update you particularly on the NHS Test and Trace testing programme for staff and students and how this is intended to help ensure the College remains a safe environment for all of us.


The Government have asked schools and colleges to offer students the opportunity to take three tests in college (each around 3-5 days apart), followed by a weekly test at home (using kits that the college will provide).  These tests are for anyone who is not showing the symptoms of Covid-19 (what are called asymptomatic tests). This is because up to one third of people who have coronavirus experience no symptoms. By testing, we will help to stop the virus spread and keep everyone safe.


The test is voluntary, and consent must be given by the person taking the test. Most sixth form students are able to give informed consent, but we encourage everyone to discuss this with your parents/carers before deciding. To help us target our testing, you must let us know whether you consent to being tested or not. All students should do this by following this link and answering a few simple questions.


Please note that even if consent is given, staff and students have the right to refuse the test if they wish to on the day, no one will be forced to take a test.


If you decide not to give consent, then you must still attend college as usual. Having a test is not required before you can attend your classes.


We have produced an information sheet that explains the process, and which has links to other documents you may find useful. You can find this here.


A video guide to how the testing process at John Leggott College will work is available here


Testing of students who have given consent will begin during the first lesson on Monday 8 March, and will continue every day thereafter for the next two weeks. If you give your consent, we will email you details of what to do to get your first test. Please note that the college is also offering an opportunity for anyone who wants to take a test to come in to college on the Friday before reopening (5 March 2021) to take the first test early. There’s absolutely no compulsion to do this, but it will mean that you will not need to be tested during your first lesson when College reopens. Please note that if you’d like to do this we are not able to provide college transport on that day. You will need to make your own way into, and home from college. There is a question on the Consent Form


On the day of the test, students and staff who have given consent will need to register electronically with the NHS Test and Trace system. This can be done with a smartphone, tablet or computer (students who do not have access to a smartphone or tablet will be able to use a device provided by the College). Guidance will be given by staff on the day of the test. The registration form will collect a small amount of data so that you able to register and receive the results of the test.  You can read the COVID specific Privacy Notice here.


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