We are delighted to share the success of our students who competed in the Maths M3 challenge.

The MathWorks Math Modelling (M3) Challenge, is a competition for senior school students in the U.S, and sixth form students in England and Wales.
Students work as a team to take on a real-world problem, similar to those faced by those in the professional working industry. Working over 14 consecutive hours, students apply their mathematical modelling knowledge, and can use any publicly available resources, but cannot discuss any part of the problem with their coach or anyone other than their teammates. More than 125 Ph.D. Applied Mathematicians judge throughout the 3 rounds of the competition. All students who submit an applicable solution paper, receive a certificate to acknowledge their participation.

At John Leggott College, we offer A Level Maths and A Level Further Maths as part of our course offering; the opportunity to enter was opened up to these students. From that process we were able to enter two JLC teams into the M3 Challenge. All the students showed determination and ambition prior, during and after the challenge and we couldn’t be prouder.

Our Team #14898
Passed the first round of judging and entered the second round as a key contender for the final prize.
Only 100 of the 535 teams that submitted viable solution papers – about 19% – were selected to advance to the second round of judging, which is an incredible success.

We also received fantastic comments regarding the paper the team submitted.

“Good job overall. Your summary is concise. You were able to address three main parts of the M3 challenge. You included sensitivity analysis but data and graphical representations are missing.It is clear that you anticipated some changes in the future demands such as listing. This model cannot be used if a change in the generation of bandwidth takes place, for example, change from 5G to 6G. The walkthrough for the US model in question one was logical and well written. The depth of thought that went into that model was admirable. The tables in question two were very professional looking and well done. Very nice work on Q1 and Q2. Your team truly thought about and understood the requirements. Well done to both teams entered! Congratulations on both of your successes!”

TEAM #14897

Vignesh Kamath
Ellie Ingledew
Sumeya Mohamed
Amelija Maksimaityte
Barbara-Ann Mclaughlin

Team #14898

Zechen Li
Huanxi Zhang
Haopeng Huang
Meibaohong Hou
Xinyao Zhao

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