Awarded 2021 Digital Inclusion Grant from Kajeet UK Funding will help close the digital divide and support equitable access to essential online services and opportunities


We are honoured to be awarded a 2021 Digital Inclusion Grant from Kajeet UK, a leading provider of student wireless connectivity solutions that deliver safe, reliable and controlled internet connectivity to students.


The Digital Inclusion Grant promotes merit in technical education by recognising schools who are putting an extra focus on digital inclusivity projects to work towards digital equality at their schools.


We would like to personally thank Kajeet for providing us with the grant to enable our students access to wireless connectivity and remove barriers to digital learning. Over the last 18 months, we have operated digital learning through numerous learning. As we reflect on the year and how beneficial digital learning has been to our students, we will continue to provide the opportunity to access lessons remotely where necessary and also ensure all lessons are recorded to be used a revision tool and resource.


“John Leggott College are thrilled to have been awarded this grant. It will help our learners engage in their education by providing free connectivity. A perfect opportunity to enhance the college’s digital inclusion strategy in the community”. Michelle Gale, Health and Social Care Tutor.


“9% of households today in the UK still lack adequate internet access, excluding them from essential online services and opportunities,” said Ben Mansell, Country manager of Kajeet UK.


“Kajeet’s aim with the 2021 Digital Inclusion Grant program is to support educational organisations in the UK in their efforts to close the digital divide in the communities they serve. We’re pleased to name JLC a 2021 Digital Inclusion Grant winner and work with them to enable a more equitable future.”

Broadband internet is no longer a luxury, but an essential onramp to education, jobs and access to essential services. 9% of students in the UK lack internet access at home, yet nearly all homework requires online access, and students with internet access at home are 6-8% more likely to graduate from high school.

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