JLC Fashion Share 

Isn’t getting new clothes one of the best feelings in the world? Well, imagine getting those clothes but for free… 


Well at JLC’s brand new fashion share you can do that. Fashion Share is an eco- conscious Fashion boutique. It currently consists of 4 inspired students who are looking to make a difference and feel very committed to this project. It is led by John Leggott’s very own member of staff Anthea Berry who puts lots of time and effort into making this work for staff and students all throughout the college. They currently meet on Wednesday lunchtimes and have been discussing the launch that just took place and which direction they want to take in the future. 


This wonderful idea launched on the 15th of December in Room A052, next to The Margaret Mason Centre and was extremely popular on the first day. Many activities were going on during the hour that it was held, such as: cards to write down opinions on the launch and what you think can be done to make it better; fizzy drinks to drink and snacks to eat and of course, people looking through the clothes available and taking them to a new home. As well as this, many students were taking pictures of the launch to share on social media.


Many people went there with nothing and left with free, recycled clothes all at the hands of the Fashion Share team. One student even said ‘The atmosphere here is very chilled and refreshing’ and also described it as ‘a nice place to go to see people with similar tastes and interests to you’. So, you might even get to meet some new friends over there whilst browsing the clothes.


The Fashion Share team has said that it’s something that they are trying to make more aware of students and show them what they’re trying to achieve. The team have presented this idea through their mission statement which is ‘Ensuring clothes live a full and happy life away from landfill. Rewear, rework, repurposing clothing with creativity’. They have also said that they feel very strongly about this project because it’s helping the environment and will improve the current planet crisis. 


Personally, the Fashion Share experience was very inspiring and interesting to see. Having been at John Leggott for 5 months now, it’s fun to see something new being brought into life and nice to see students and members of the college get artistic and excited by things like this. As well as this, all of the members seem very supportive of each other and are all equally invested into making the Fashion Share campaign  expand and succeed. The ‘fantastic four ’- also known as the students participating –  have said that they have some amazing ideas looking forward into helping the fashion share industry grow and they have said that they are ‘happy for others to join in as they could be able to come up with some ideas that they can’t and will allow them to meet new people’. 


So, make sure to check the fashion share out in A052, because you never know what’s there, it could be something that your wardrobe has always been missing. 


Maisie Lister 


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