The Learner Pathway Team

At John Leggott College we provide students with holistic support to enable them to progress successfully on to their chosen career and future aspirations. We have a dedicated team of careers advisers within our Learner Pathways Team who work with our students on an individual basis to support them in the next steps of their learner journey.

Our Learner Pathway Team is pivotal in supporting all of our students to progress from John Leggott College to their chosen destination through providing Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG). We have high aspirations for our learners and deliver career programmes, events and opportunities that help develop learner’s knowledge and skills. Our curriculum is also aligned with local, regional and national needs and so supports students to progress sustainably.

The current careers programme is under review following a restructure of the Learner Pathways Team. We are evaluating the programme in line with the Gatsby Benchmarks, and the CDI framework using feedback from our learners, their parents or guardians, and our external stakeholders. This review is carried out annually, and feedback is summerised by the Learner Pathways Team to inform and strengthen the careers programme.  Please see below an example of the careers programme, if you would like to find out more about the current careers programme, please contact Samantha Robinson the Careers Lead -

Click here to view an example of the college careers programme.

At John Leggott College we help students plan their career and progression, whatever their aspirations, to help leaners to fulfill their ambitions and achieve their goals. Our dedicated Learner Pathway Team consists of Career Advisors who provide professional CEIAG, and Work Placement Advisors that coordinate our work experience provision. 

We work with students to:

  • Provide 1:1 impartial careers advice and guidance
  • Explore potential progression pathways
  • Develop and enhance employability skills
  • Support applications for University, Apprenticeships, Employment and Further Training
  • Provide techniques and support for interviews
  • Provide CV and application support
  • Provide employer links and opportunities
  • Source and undertake work experience

Throughout the academic year, John Leggott College hosts multiple career events;

from the “Next Steps Event", to sector-specific talks with local and national organisations and employers, where they will talk directly to students about their own career progression, about their organisation and what it is like working there.

We also organise a number of visits to universities and employers throughout the year, and offer support on specific career elements such as finding the right pathway, helping create a good personal statement for university, writing a CV or cover letter and interview and application preparation.

All students have access to a 1-1 impartial Careers Appointment with a L6 trained member of staff.Students can request an appointment via their Google Classroom Careers page.

The government encourages colleges to use the Gatsby Benchmarks to improve the career provision, these benchmarks are a blueprint for best practice. The table below highlights how this is how this will be done here at John Leggott College.

  1. A stable careers programme
  2. Learning from careers and labour market information
  3. Addressing the needs of each student
  4. Linking curriculum learning to careers
  5. Encounters with Employers and employees
  6. Experiences of workplaces
  7. Encounters with further and higher education
  8. Personal Guidance

The Baker Clause was introduced in January 2018 as an amendment to the Technical and Further Education Act 2017. The Baker Clause stipulates that schools must allow colleges and training providers access to every student in years 8-13 to discuss non-academic routes that are available to them. It is expected that doing so will help address the UK’s productivity challenges and address skills shortages experienced across several sectors of the economy.

Samantha Robinson, Careers and Learner Pathway Lead.

Contact details: 

01724 407072

School Liaison

The Learner Pathway Team is here to provide a comprehensive service to schools, pupils, parents and careers advisors to help update prospective learners about the opportunities available at John Leggott College.

Our dedicated School Liaison Officer at JLC is Ellie McIntyre.

Ellie supports learners to transition from school to college by providing exciting activities to help find out more about college life through talks, workshops and taster events so that prospective learners can make an informed decision about their future.

The Learner Pathway team visits local high schools frequently so you are highly likely to meet Ellie and the team, if you wish to discuss further how JLC Schools Liaison can support you with absolutely anything then please get in touch. 

To discuss further our bespoke range of activities, you can contact us via email at

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Aspiring Professionals

Our Aspiring Professionals consists of a variety of specialist programmes, designed to support your future career. Here are some that you can be involved in;

Aspiring Oxford and Cambridge

Aspiring Teachers

Aspiring Russell Groups

Aspiring Medics, Dentists and Vets

Aspiring Police Professionals

Aspiring Business Professionals


If you would like to join our Aspiring Professionals programme when you apply to JLC or would like any more information please email 

Our Aspiring Professionals consists of a variety of specialist programmes, designed to support your future career. Here are some that you can be involved in;

Aspiring Oxford and Cambridge

Aspiring Teachers

Aspiring Russell Groups

Aspiring Medics, Dentists and Vets

Aspiring Police Professionals

Aspiring Business Professionals


Work Experience

Our work experience provision allows you to gain valuable industry experience and make contacts with individuals and companies. Our robust links with both regional and national employers means that every student can expect to undertake work experience placements in their chosen sectors. At John Leggott College, we place a high emphasis on employability skills and their importance within a forever increasingly competitive Labour Market. Our employability advisor can match your requirements with one or more of 315 employers, covering a wide variety of sectors and job roles. This exposure to an industry helps you to decide on your chosen career, develop key employability skills and also looks great on your application, whether this is for University, an apprenticeship or on to a job. You will be supported through the whole process by our team.

Placements are completely bespoke to fit around you and your timetable, ranging from short industry observation days, to one-week placements, longer term placements and shadowing opportunities.

We are currently offering our work experience provision virtually, please refer to the Virtual Work Experience Hub.

For more information contact: 

Why volunteer?

  • Gain new skills, knowledge and experience
  • Develop existing skills and knowledge
  • Enhance a CV
  • Improving one's employment prospects
  • Meet new people and making new friends
  • A chance to socialise
  • Get to know the local community


The JLC Virtual Work Experience Hub has been created to help support students who need help to become better prepared for the world of work.

Industry Placements

JLC offer a fantastic long term work experience provision, that allows you to secure a placement within an industry. This programme enables us to offer structured and meaningful work in a relevant area, that gives students a chance to put into practice the knowledge and technical skills learnt in the classroom. The difference between an Industry Placement and Work Experience is the length of the commitment. They take place in the students' desired industry and aim to mimic the typical working day.

Industry Placement will be a mandatory element of the new advanced technical (T Level) qualification. This is a new initiative that the government has implemented.’

There are a number of benefits for employers who can offer Industry Placements.

  • Resolve entry-level skills shortages: Many companies are struggling to attract suitable candidates for entry level positions. Industry placements offer the students the opportunity to work on their employability and occupation specific skills. This ensures that they are much more prepared for their future career pathways.
  • Low cost and effective methods of recruiting: Industry placements allow employers to recruit from an un-tapped pool of local talent. Building a partnership with us allows you the opportunity to effectively advertise to our students. Advertise to students who are currently deciding their future career pathways. Hosting an Industry Placement allows an employer to experience the type of work our students are capable of and also allows them to shape our students for desired roles.
  • A commitment to diversity: Industry placements allow an opportunity to achieve greater diversity to your existing work force. This demonstrates a strong corporate commitment to diversity and ensures your organisation best understands the range of customers it serves.
  • Corporate reputation: Raise your companies profile both locally and nationally by supporting our skilled young people. Increase public exposure amongst customers and clients by providing these opportunities.
  • Influence the learning pathway for your industry: By developing partnerships with your local education provider you will have the opportunity to shape and influence young talent entering your industry.

What is the employers role?

  • To provide a relevant placement, of 315 hours, to a student(s) on a course that directly relates to your business
  • To have a say in setting occupationally specific targets that the student will achieve whilst on their placement
  • To set tasks that enable the student(s) to work towards these targets
  • To ensure the working environment is safe for our learners.
  • To assign each student with a manager/ mentor to support, supervise and monitor the student whilst on their Industry Placement.
  • To provide feedback to the student(s) and their placement advisor during scheduled meetings.
  • To provide a reference for the student(s) at the end of their placement.

As a minimum the employer should:

  • Provide us with a job description which outlines the key responsibilities the student will be undertaking.
    Be honest and realistic about the type of placement they can offer.
  • Assign the students tasks and projects to allow the =m the opportunity to gather evidence towards their targets.
  • Decide what input you would like during the recruitment process. This may be going over CVs and covering letters or holding interviews/ informal meetings with students.
  • Provide the student with a full induction including necessary training and health and safety briefings. Prior to the placement ensure they are aware of joining information such as lunch arrangements, appropriate clothing and start/ end times.
  • Agree and sign a three-party Industry Placement agreement with the student and education provider. Comply with health and safety legislation and have up-to-date employer’s liability insurance.
  • Assign a line manager/ mentor and provide their contact details to the student. The line manager should ensure the logbook is completed, provide constructive feedback to the student, meet with the college for formal reviews, supervise the students, complete any paperwork required by the college and attend a final review session at the end of the Industry Placement. For more information on the responsibilities of a mentor please see the agreement.

Leggott Professionals

As a sixth form college we are passionate about ensuring our students achieve their potential both academically and personally. We are just a key to unlock their potential in the future. Our Leggott Professionals’ Programme aims to work with employers, universities and the local community to build a better future for our students alongside John Leggott College staff.

Throughout the programme we will work together to support students with opportunities to build and enhance their CVs, employability skills and preparing them for their progression after John Leggott College. You will join a college that has a national and regional reputation of being one of the best sixth form providers for A Level and BTEC results, allowing our learners to progress to destinations of their choice.

We work collectively with Franklin College as a partnership for Centre of Professional Development to build a cross region network also known as NL6 (North Lincolnshire Sixth Forms) so that, the students of the North and North East have the best opportunities supported by some outstanding employers.

If you would like to get involved; whether you are a small business looking for administration support, or a large business looking to fill a degree apprenticeship or important vacancy. We also welcome employers to be guest speakers. Any queries. please contact us on 01724 407102 or email

This is an opportunity for individuals from your company to come into college and mentor students in a particular field or area. It is designed so that you can work with the student on a number of different queries questions or work experience. As a college we will offer you the space and resources needed to support our students. We envision these meetings to take place once every 4-6 weeks.

Networking Tutorials
These meetings are designed to help our students meet with a range of employers and get an insight into a professional role. These meetings are designed to be more of a conversation than a formal presentation. It will allow you/our students to discuss career routes, entry requirements, and about your organisation.

Work Experience & Industry Placements 

We are always committed to giving our students hands on experiences, this may be for a day or this may be for a longer period of time. Our Industry placements are in line with the government’s delivery of T-Levels. These placements will allow our students to become an integral part of your business.
Either a long or short placement, this is a priceless experience for our students.

Guest Speakers

We offer our students the chance to listen to employers at key points throughout the year. This allows business and employers to share a snapshot of their role in the business and is usually delivered to a large group.

Leggott Professionals Board Meetings 

This is an opportunity to meet with other professionals and our JLC team to discuss ways we can support our students with employability skills or practices.

Our Progression Pathway - Extended Opportunties. 

We are currently offering a range of Progression under our nex Extended Opportunities program.


If you are interested in any of the above, or would like to attend our next board meeting please email and we look forward to working with you in the future.

Careers and Employability Policies

For more information on the Careers benchmark, please click here.