Creative Media Production BTEC Diploma

What will I learn?

Year 1 – Print and Digital Graphics Focus

Unit 1: Pre-Production Techniques for the Media Industries
Learn the importance of preparation when developing a media product. This process will be used to plan a creative production.

Unit 2: Communication Skills for the Media Industries
Communication is central to all good media practice. Learn techniques and strategies in the development process of your media projects.

Unit 3: Research Techniques for the Media Industries
Develop an understanding of the role and purpose of research – you will conduct a small scale research project.

Unit 51: Page Layout & Design
Design page layouts for a magazine spread of your own choosing and use the various design skills you have developed on the course.

Unit 54: Digital Graphics for Print
This specialist skills-based unit introduces you to graphic design and software such as Adobe PhotoShop used to create a variety of designs.

Unit 57: Photography and Photographic Practice
Understand the technical aspects of photography and create a number of small photography projects.

Unit 72: Games Design
Understand the fundamentals of video game design and develop your own ideas for a new game.


Year 2 – Audio / Visual Focus

Unit 4: Production Management Project
Project management is a key skill within the media industry, this unit develops your skills over the duration of the second year.

Unit 5: Working to a Brief in the Media Industries
Involves negotiating a brief and working with the client to produce a short film.

Unit 7: Understanding the Media Industries
Look at how the media industry is structured and issues relating to a potential future career. Also develop a portfolio to help you apply for an apprenticeship, job or a University place.

Unit 16: Film and Video Editing Techniques

Unit 22: Single Camera Techniques
Develop your core video production skills. The main focus is the development and production of a short horror movie filmed on location over a three-day period in Whitby.

Unit 31: Social Action & Community Media Production
Here, you select the media you wish to work in and work with community-based clients to develop a campaign for a local charity or action group.

Entry Requirements

5 GCSEs at grade 4 or above OR Science (BTEC Lv2 H&S Care or Science at MERIT accepted when combined with only 4 GCSEs at 4) – English GCSE at grade 4 & Maths GCSE at Grade 4. An average GCSE points score of 3.2.

How long will it take to qualify?

2 years

How will I be assessed?

Assessment takes place internally through a series of practical industry-orientated projects. These include packaging and t-shirt design, stop motion animation, various film & video productions, motion graphics and special effects, advertising and marketing campaigns. There are no external exams.

Additional Learning Opportunities

You can take part in trips to media museums and cinema, enter your work into competitions, experience on-location production experiences and teamwork.

Who is this course aimed at?

BTEC Level 3 Diploma in Media is attractive to students who:

(Also available: Subsidiary Diploma – one-year course equivalent to 1 A Level)

  • may or may not have studied Media at GCSE
  • have an enormous interest in any aspect of the media
  • are interested in changes in the media, such as new films, magazines, etc
  • want a chance to make practical media productions of their own
  • would like to learn how to use media equipment such as photography equipment, video equipment, web design packages and a sound studio
  • enjoy all kinds of research, instead of always being teacher-led

What next?

You will develop a range of practical and theoretical skills which could lead directly to employment or to further study of the media. Many students work within broadcast or print journalism, advertising, media production, or public relations.




  • BTEC Level 3


  • Media Studies

Course Length

  • 2 Years


  • 16+

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