Games Development BTEC Sub-Diploma

Games Development

What will I learn?

Games Development (Creative Media Production) focuses on developing a range of creative approaches and practical skills used in the games and creative industries. Following industry practice, learn the importance of planning, preparing, developing and communicating your creative ideas and game concepts.

Year 1 – Games Development Principals

Unit 1 Pre-Production Techniques for the Media Industries:  Learn the importance of preparation when developing a games related product. This process will be used to identify required resources and prepare planning documentation for your games concept and graphics projects.
Unit  2 Communication Skills for the Media Industries:  Communication is central to all good media practice. Learn techniques and strategies to plan and pitch your games ideas to different types of audiences.
Unit 72 Computer Game Design: Aims to provide you with an understanding of the underlying principles of game design that define the ways games work; appreciate the key attributes that define games before applying them to your own game ideas; and produce formal design documents for your ideas which you will then pitch to experience the process of trying to get your games made.
Unit 78 Digital Graphics for Games:  Become familiar with the tools and techniques of the digital graphics software used to produce images for computer games. These techniques form the basis of the development of graphics for game poster production, game packaging, and in-game graphics. This unit is therefore fundamental to the development of digital design skills for the production of computer games.

Year 2 – Game Development Project

Unit 3 Research Techniques for the Media Industries:  Develop an understanding of the role and purpose of research and conduct a small scale research project. Research is fundamental to all aspects of creative media production and is the essential starting point for productions of any scale. You will apply research skills towards the production of your game story development project.
Unit 74 Computer Game Story Development:  Aims to provide you with an appreciation of the underlying principles of storytelling and how it can enhance a player’s immersion in the game world. Develop a sound understanding of game story writing strategies before applying them to your own interactive narratives.
Unit 75 Human-Computer Interfaces for Computer Games (HCI):  The study of HCI is not just about the technology; it also considers how people interact with the application (onscreen objects, menus etc). Develop an understanding of the different HCI methods and develop an interface for your games story development project.

Entry Requirements

A strong interest in the media/games industry with GCSE English at grade 4 or above. GCSE Average 4.0 or above, including 5 C grades.

How long will it take to qualify?

2 years

How will I be assessed?

Assessment takes place internally through a series of practical industry oriented projects. The course is 100% coursework and there are no external exams.

Additional Learning Opportunities

You can take part in trips to media museums enter your work into competitions, experience collaborative projects as well as gameplay workshops and competitions.

Who is this course aimed at?

BTEC Level 3 Sub-Diploma in Games Development is attractive to students who:

  • may or may not have studied Media at GCSE
  • have an interest in any aspect of the media and games industry
  • would like to learn how games are developed and focus on the creative development of game ideas
  • want a chance to make practical media productions of their own
  • use media equipment such as photography equipment, graphics and design packages and a sound studio
  • enjoy all kinds of research and independent coursework instead of always being teacher-led

What next?

Over the two years you will work individually and in groups on assignments that will develop vital transferable skills that will help you when looking for jobs and applying for higher education courses. Some students follow a design led path; others go onto Computing or IT courses or take a Media specialism.



  • BTEC Level 3

Course Length

  • 2 Years


  • 16+

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