History A Level

What will I learn?

Unit 1 Spain in the Age of Discovery, 1469-1598
This topic covers: the establishment of Spain under Ferdinand and Isabella; discovery and exploitation of the New World – Columbus, Conquistadores, Aztec and Inca Empires; Spain’s absent king – Charles I; religious warfare against Turks and Protestants; Spain as a European and world power under Philip II.

Unit 2 The English Revolution, 1625-1660
Challenges to government after the death of Elizabeth I; Personal rule of Charles I; long-term reasons for the outbreak of civil war; Roundheads v Cavaliers; the trial and execution of Charles I; Oliver Cromwell and government in the 1650s; the restoration of monarchy under Charles II.

Unit 3 Personal investigation – free choice of subject
This unit requires students to propose and produce a study of 3000-3500 words on an issue of their choice. The study must examine different interpretations of an issue using both primary and secondary sources and should be placed in a context of at least one hundred years.

Entry Requirements

GCSE English at grade 5 or above. You don’t need to have studied History at GCSE, but if you have, you should have achieved grade 4 or above. An average GCSE score of 4.2 or above.

How long will it take to qualify?

2 years

How will I be assessed?

Unit 1 2½-hour written paper. A Level weighting 40%
Unit 2 2½-hour written paper. A Level weighting 40%
Unit 3 3000-3500 word personal study. A Level weighting 20%

Additional Learning Opportunities

You will have the opportunity to take part in trips to the UK and abroad and visit places of historical interest.

Who is this course aimed at?

History is attractive to students who:

  • are interested in History (you don’t need to have taken GCSE History)
  • enjoy research and debate
  • want to investigate new topics
  • want to know more about key events and people who shaped history
  • want to take a contrasting course to mix into a predominantly Science, Social Science or Humanities package

What next?

This course can lead to further History-related study at University but it can also offer the opportunity for further study or employment in areas such as business, media, law, local and national government and teaching.



  • A Level


  • History

Course Length

  • 2 Years


  • 16+

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