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A Level

Two Years


GCSE Grade 5 in Maths, 4 in English with an average points score of 4.9 or above..


This course is assessed by three exams that are taken at the end of the second year. We follow the AQA specification.

About this course

This course is ideal for learners who would like to gain an insight into what a business is and how a successful business functions. This will include studying topics such as leadership, decision making and overall business performance in terms of marketing, operations, finance and human resources. We take an approach which draws on real business examples, allowing students to make links and identify key differences between theory and practice.

A John Leggott Student in a business lesson


Lucy McKenzie

Who is this aimed at?

This course is aimed at students who:

  • Would like to progress to Higher Education to study a Business related course

  • Would like to run their own business 

  • Want to improve their decision making and learn how to assess organisational performance

  • Want to develop a strategic understanding of how businesses work 

  • Would like to study and engage with the business world and follow corporate developments

What will you learn?

  • What is business? 

  • Managers, leadership and decision making 

  • Decision making to improve marketing performance 

  • Decision making to improve operational performance 

  • Decision making to improve financial performance 

  • Decision making to improve human resource performance 

  • Analysing the strategic position of a business 

  • Choosing strategic direction 

  • Strategic methods: how to pursue strategies 

  • Managing strategic change

What skills will you develop?

  • Application Analysis & Focus 

  • Evaluation & Vision 

  • Technical Language

  • Self Confidence 

  • Practice & Effort

  •  Time Management 

  • Self Motivation 

  • Numeracy Exam 

  • Techniques & Revision 

  • Responsibility & Decision Making

Professional development

  • Entrepreneur 

  • Computer Science 

  • Mechanical Engineering 

  • Physics 

  • Maths 

  • Cyber Security 

  • Business Management 

  • Teaching 

  • Recruitment 

  • Marketing 

  • Management 

  • Accountant 

  • Economist

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