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Two Years


GCSE Grade 4 in English and Maths with an average points score of 3.2 or above.


This course is assessed by coursework and exams.

About this course

Our Level 3 BTEC Business course will equip you with the in-depth knowledge, skills and confidence to successfully progress to further study or employment within the Business sector. If you prefer to gain an understanding of the scope of Business, the Business environment, alongside Business management with a more practical application of this knowledge to real world business contexts, this course is ideal for you. You will be taught key Business knowledge before discovering how this works within the industries and businesses you are interested in. With a great importance placed on engaging with entrepreneurs, business people and employers this course offers a unique insight into the practical world of Business. The department also runs a successful extended opportunity, in the form of The Share Game. Where you can make speculative investments into FTSE 100 companies, competing to make the best possible financial reward from your investment.

Two John Leggott College Students in a business class.


Lucy McKenzie

Who is this aimed at?

This course is aimed at students who:

  • Would like to progress onto Business-related courses at university. 

  • Would like to jump straight into employment after college. 

  • Would like to set-up their own Business and become self-employed. 

  • Prefer a practical, hands-on form of learning.

What will you learn?

You’ll have a range of coursework assessments to undertake alongside a small number of set tests to complete throughout the duration of your BTEC Business course. The size of the BTEC course you decide to study will prescribe the units of study you’ll undertake: 

BTEC Extended Certificate (1 A Level)

  • Exploring Business 

  • Developing A Marketing Campaign 

  • Personal & Business Finance 

  • Recruitment and Selection Process 

BTEC Diploma (2 A Levels) All units above plus:

  • Managing An Event 

  • Training and Development 

  • International Business Principles Of Management

BTEC Extended Diploma (3 A Levels) All units above plus:

  • Investigating Customer Service 

  • Visual Merchandising 

  • Business Decision Making 

  • Team Building in Business 

  • Pitching for a New Business

What skills will you develop?

  • Evidence Evaluation 

  • Informed Judgements 

  • Exam Techniques 

  • Revision & Research

  • Self Confidence 

  • Practice 

  • Numeracy (Yr2 - U3) & Literacy (English)

  • Making Decisions 

  • Applied Analysis 

  • Effort 

  • Self-responsibility & motivation

  • Focus 

  • Seeks Challenge 

  • Digital Literacy 

  • Application & Contextualisation 

  • Meeting Deadlines 

  • Technical Language 

  • Digital Literacy

Professional development

  • Entrepreneur 

  • Computer Science 

  • Mechanical Engineering 

  • Physics 

  • Maths 

  • Cyber Security 

  • Business Management 

  • Teaching 

  • Recruitment 

  • Marketing Management 

  • Accountant Economist

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