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A Level

Two Years


GCSE Grade 5 in English with an average points score of 4.2 or above.


This course is assessed by coursework (30%) and exams (70%)

About this course

This course is ideal for learners who have an interest in the media or advertising industry. Within the course students will study topics such as media representations, media language, audiences, and the media industry. There is a focus on analytical skills (understanding how media products create meanings) and a theoretical understanding of how the media impacts on individuals and groups, exploring issues of identity and power. There are opportunities for you to take part in trips and enter your creative work into competitions.


Steve Robson

Who is this aimed at?

This course is aimed at students who:

  • Would like to understand how and why the media produce the sort of content they do, and place this in a theoretical and historical context. 

  • Would like a chance to create a practical production of their own, using media software, photography, video cameras, editing and sound-recording suites 

  • Would like to progress into employment in areas such as broadcast, journalism, advertising, media production or public relations 

  • Would like to study a Media related course at higher education.

What will you learn?

  • Analysing Media Language and Representation

  • Understanding Media Industries and Audiences

  • Television in the Global Age

  • Magazines: Mainstream and Alternative Media

  • Media in the Online Age

What skills will you develop?

  • Textual Analysis

  • Theoretical framework 

  • Literacy 

  • Oracy 

  • Confidence 

  • Practice 

  • Collaboration 

  • Effort 

  • Systems 

  • Theoretical debate 

  • Evaluative Criticism 

  • Production skills 

  • Metacognition 

  • Creativity 

  • Video Prod Skills 

  • Vision 

Professional development

  • Creative Media 

  • Media Analyst 

  • Media Researcher 

  • Marketing 

  • Screenwriter

  • TV/Film Producer 

  • Games Designer 

  • Promotions Manager 

  • Web Designer 

  • Social Media Content 

  • Producer

  • Press

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