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Level 2

One Year


An interest in childcare


This course is assessed by exams and work placement.

About this course

Working with Children in Early Years and Primary Settings

This course is ideal for learners who are aged 16 or above who wish to progress onto further education or into the workplace. This course has been designed to support learners to progress onto level 3 qualifications across a number of sectors, including the early years educator sector, the supporting teaching and learning sector, and the children and young people sector.

This course is classed as a single subject and is delivered through the NFCE exam board.

You could complement your studies with enrichment activities including School Experience, Sign Language or First Aid.


Sophie Underhill

Who is this aimed at?

This course is aimed at students on our Step Up Pathway alongside English or Maths GCSE looking to build on their Level Two Portfolio.

What will you learn?

All units need to be completed to achieve the qualification in addition to a minimum of 120 hours in placement.

Units cover;

  • Child development from birth to 11 years

  • Play and learning Knowledge

  • Exploring legislation

  • The role of the childcare practitioner

  • Nutrition

  • Physical development and physical activity

This qualification allows progression onto Level 3 Early Years Educator qualifications and other Level 3 qualifications relating to Childcare, Health and Social Care or Supporting Teaching and Learning.

What skills will you develop?

  • Research 

  • Presentation 

  • Literacy 

  • Oracy 

  • Self confidence 

  • Time management 

  • Meeting Deadlines 

  • Confidence

  • Collaboration

  • Evaluation

Professional development

Progress onto Level Three Childcare qualifications at John Leggott College.

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