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We have created this page for you to access an insight to life at JLC, from studying, to the wider JLC experience including our new virtual ways of working.


Meet Our Principal

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We are committed to ensuring that the learners who come to John Leggott College are equipped with the keys to their future success. We would like to welcome our prospective students for 2021 to our final virtual open event of the year!

Leon Riley, Principal

Meet Our Curriculum Areas

How JLC Have Adapted To Virtual

At John Leggott we have transitioned all our teaching to some form of online learning - whether in a hybrid capacity for learners who need to access lessons from home, whilst others access in person but also in a fully remote capacity to ensure that teaching and learning does not stop when the country goes into lockdown. As a student of John Leggott College, you can be confident that no matter what the circumstance, the disruption to your learning will be minimal!


All of our teachers have been extensively trained to use the whole range of Google Education Platforms to ensure all our learners are engaged in lessons, can review resources, seek feedback on work and attend lessons virtually. We have been recognised across the Sixth Form Sector for our excellent practice and regularly support other schools and colleges across the region to develop their online learning platforms.


All courses within our curriculum have their very own Virtual Learning Platform using Google Classroom - here you will find information and resources for your courses, announcements from your teachers, a place to discuss work with your peers and the ability to upload homework's and assignments electronically. All our lesson are broadcasted using Google Meet so that when working remotely, you can still access the lesson and support from your teachers - we are able to do this through our 'Cameras in Classroom' initiative which allows for every learner to see and hear their teacher as well as contributing to lessons as if you are in the room. The other key benefit to this is that all our teaching is recorded, giving you access to these recordings for the duration of your study to help you with revisiting topics, catching up on missed work and helping you with revision!


All our online lessons replicate what you would normally find in the classroom - these are not 'lectures' with a teacher talking at you for a significant length of time. We ensure that all learners can contribute to activities and discuss work with their peers in break-out rooms, your teachers will ask you questions and for your ideas as they would normally in a physical lesson, and you will also have the chance for a 'social' break within the lessons to ensure you are able to speak to your friends and peers whilst in your home environment.


With our online learning capabilities - whatever the situation we find ourselves in nationally, you can be assured that our teaching and learning provision continues to the highest standard.

The Enrichment programme at John Leggott (known as Extended Opportunities) has adapted to a full virtual programme, designed to benefit students via 3 distinct pathways. These pathways are Health and Wellbeing, Interest & Enjoyments and Progression. In order to run undisrupted through the currently pandemic, all groups and societies are running through Google Classroom. The 40+ groups are led by students or members of JLC staff. The societies are extremely varied – so everyone should find something to interest them. However, if there is something that a student has a particular interest in, the programme is very adaptable. We are happy to add new groups or societies at any point through the academic year.

“The Careers and Progression team are very pleased to announce the successful launch of a new “Virtual Work Experience Hub” exclusive to all John Leggott College students. The hub has been created in response to the 100’s of on-site work experience placements that can now no longer take place, due to the current Covid-19 pandemic. As a team, we are determined to ensure that our students remain well informed about career options, and equipped with the appropriate employability skills that will support their future success. The hub fulfils this ethos, by providing a vast amount of online resources and opportunities linked to the world of work. Students have full access to the hub throughout the academic year, and can access content at a time and pace that suits them. One example that has seen a surge in popularity recently, is our live and interactive Q&A sessions with real employers across a variety of subject areas. We are delighted to see students engaging with the hub, and the positive impact it is having during these challenging times.”


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