International Support

As an International student at John Leggott College you receive all of the excellent support that our UK students have, such as for academic study and university applications, but you also have access to specialist support from our International team.


Assistance with the UCAS (University) application process, access to personalised advice and guidance regarding your University course choice. Support with applications for intermediate, advance and higher apprenticeships, employment and any additional learning experiences.


The A*spire programme offers additional support to students who are consistently high achievers (A*AB), or have a natural talent in a specific field such as Performing Arts, Creative Arts or Sport. The programme is tailored to each student and helps students reach their potential, often gaining access to top Russell Group Universities.

  • 78% of the A*spire students on the programme in 2015-16 went to university and 68% of these students went to Russell Group universities.
  • 70% of our early applicant students who were successful with their applications to study at Oxford or Cambridge, or study Dentistry or Medicine courses were on the A*spire programme in 2015-16.


You will be given your own dedicated pastoral tutor who will be your first point of contact for all queries in college relating to your academic progress. Your tutor will help you track your achievements and if needed, refer you for 1 to 1 support.


Before the start of lessons in September, you will participate in a 4 day international student enrolment and orientation programme. We want you to settle in to college as quickly as possible, this programme helps you to do that. You will meet teaching staff and make final course decisions, open a bank account, as well as register with a doctor and other agencies if required.

This will also give you chance to see some of the local area and make new friends.


Our emergency telephone number can be called at any time during the day or night out of college hours, during weekends and holidays. All international students, parents and host families are given this number.

This is to make sure the support we offer you continues even when you are not on campus.

If you have any questions about any of the support we offer to our international students please contact us via

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