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Level 2

One Year


An interest in improving a grade a Level Two Science.


This course is assessed by coursework (75%) and exams (25%).

About this course

This course is ideal for learners who have an interest for learners with an interest practical applications of science, where the assessments will be largely in the form of research and practical investigations along with a small examination. The course covers the essentials principles of science, including electricity, atomic physics, populations and many more.

This course is equivalent to one GCSE or can be doubled with Level Two Applications of Applied Science.

You could complement your studies with enrichment activities including Medical, Science or First Aid.

This course will enable you to study BTEC Subsidiary or Diploma Applied Science at Level Three.


Abi Morrison

Who is this aimed at?

This course is aimed at students on our Step Up Pathway, alongside English or Maths GCSE looking to build on their Level Two Portfolio with an interest in improving their Science qualification.

What will you learn?

Core Units:

  • Principles of Science

  • Chemistry and our Earth

  • Energy and our Universe

  • Biology and our Environment

What skills will you develop?

  • Confidence

  • Collaboration

  • Creativity

  • Practice

  • Lab Skills

  • Time Management

  • Meeting Deadlines

  • Effort

  • Systems

  • Professional Skills

  • Communication

  • Problem Solving

Professional development

This course will enable you to study BTEC Extended Certificate or Diploma Applied Science at Level Three.

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