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Two Years


GCSE Grade 5 in Science, Maths and with an average points score of 4 or above.


This course is assessed by coursework and exams.

About this course

This course is ideal for students who are interested in studying science but do not wish to study a separate A Level Science qualification.

This course can be taken as a BTEC Extended Certificate (1 A Level equivalent) or a BTEC Diploma (2 A Level Equivalent) so there is something to suit each learner’s choice of study programme.

A John Leggott College student taking part in a science experiment.


Sophie Underhill

Who is this aimed at?

This course is aimed at students who:

  • Would like to progress to Higher Education to study Science or a Health related field

  • Would like to gain a broad understanding of science

  • Would like to take a course that is assessed entirely by coursework

  • Have a strong interest in the work of scientist in a range of different fields

What will you learn?

Core Units:

BTEC Extended Certificate (1 A Level equivalent)

  • Principles and Applications of Science 1

  • Practical Scientific Procedures and Techniques

  • Science Investigation Skills

BTEC Diploma (2 A Level equivalent): 

  • Laboratory Techniques and their Application

  • Principles and Applications of Science 2

  • Investigative Project

Optional Units include:

  • Physiology of Body Systems

  • Biochemistry and Biochemical Techniques

  • Genetics and Genetic Engineering

What skills will you develop?

  • Research

  • Analysis

  • Literacy & Oracy

  • Confidence & Vision

  • Collaboration

  • Lab Skills

  • Meeting Deadlines

  • Time Management

  • Effort & Practice

  • Systems

  • Industry Conventions

  • Resilience

Professional development

  • Scientist

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