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A Level

Two Years


Grade 5 in Mathematics GCSE. Average points score of 5.3


This course is assessed by exams.

About this course

This course is ideal for learners who enjoy working with numbers, particularly analysing and interpreting data. They enjoy using data to make and test hypotheses and drawing conclusions in a wide range of contexts


James Brough

Who is this aimed at?

This course is aimed at students who:

  • Have an interest in analysing and interpreting data

  • Wish to study a numerical course but do not wish to study pure mathematics

  • Wish to support other subjects that involve the analysis of data

What will you learn?

  • To Interpret Statistical Diagrams 

  • To interpret statistical measures 

  • To Calculate Probabilities

  • To calculate probabilities using the Binomial, Posson, Normal and Exponential Distributions 

  • To complete a variety of Statistical Tests to test hypotheses

  •  To test using a variety of distributions including normal, t and chi squared 

  • To sample data and consider experimental design

What skills will you develop?

  • Analysing and Interpreting Data

  • Completing Statistical Tests

  • Calculating Probabilities

  • Investigating Statistical Distributions

  • Decision Making

  • Communication

Professional development

  • Data Analyst

  • Data Scientist

  • Financial Risk Analyst

  • Investment Analyst

  • Market Researcher

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