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Celebrating Music for Youth Proms

Last week, student Kristian had an amazing opportunity to play at the Royal Albert Hall as part of the Music for Youth Proms.

Kristian said, "I play in the Doncaster Youth Jazz Association Swing Orchestra, and at the time of the competition was the lead trumpet player. We competed in several rounds of the competition - winning them all. The prize was to play in the Music for Youth Proms at the Royal Albert Hall. It was an amazing day, watching and listening to the other winning groups and playing the lead part in one of the world's greatest concert halls was a dream come true."

Kristian currently studies A Level Music, is part of our college ensembles and has undertaken work experience with a renowned Composer to move closer to his career aim of becoming a Film Composer. This was an incredible opportunity for Kristian - a huge well done to you and your fellow musicians on such a fantastic accomplishment!

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