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Outstanding CTEC results for JLC Students

We are delighted by the outstanding CTEC results received this week, a true testament to our teaching staff and their incredible efforts to support our students to success.

Area Lead Kate Clark said:

"The outstanding results reflect the hard work that our vocational sport students have dedicated both in and out of the classroom since September. As an area, we place great emphasis on adapting our curriculum delivery to meet the needs of our students. This is often seen through modifying our schemes of learning to pause delivery and refocus on misunderstood topics, fully consolidating learning after each topic / learning objective, and focusing on skill development and exam techniques throughout a unit. We ensure that units are delivered by subject specialist to not only provide accurate delivery, but also to challenge students beyond the specification and make sometimes dull/hard topics enjoyable and realistic.

With the creation of excellent lesson resources (prepared worksheets, presentations and exam booklets), frequent one to ones, additional support sessions, our "open door" policy, and very high expectations, students are aware of how invested we are in their progress and future. This provides them with motivation to go above and beyond, creating a culture where attendance to every lesson is crucial and independent study is the norm.

The run up to exams and the exam day itself is always stressful, for the students and the teachers! However, providing extra revision days, pre-exam breakfast or lunch, as well as walking over together to the exam or meeting students at the exam hall, again creates a positive team environment and ensures that students are fully ready for their exam. As a result, the students can see we genuinely care about them, and it offers an opportunity to provide that final bit of encouragement and praise that every student needs!" 

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