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We use a platform called Cedar to work collaboratively with students and parents. Once a student applies to John Leggott College, a Cedar account will be created for them. 

Students will use Cedar during their time at JLC to view their timetable, receive important messages from staff, view their grades, keep track of pastoral comments, view their exam timetables and monitor their attendance. 

Parents can use Cedar in a similar way to keep up to date with their young person's academic and personal progress.

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is Cedar?


To log into Cedar, please use the information provided in your welcome letter. If you are having difficulties logging in, please contact us.

Parents of

Parents are only able to log into Cedar after enrolment. Once your young person has started their courses at college, you can create a parent account. This will allow you to see details of their attendance and any pastoral comments which have been made by college staff.


To create your account you will need to know the students 'S' number (this can be found on their Student ID card). You will also need to know the next of kin email addresses which were provided at enrolment.

Anyone with a next of kin email recorded on our system can create their own parent account, so you can have multiple parent accounts linked to a single student.


  • If you cannot create a parent account using the link above, this is usually due to the student ID number or the next of kin email not matching exactly. I.e. an extra 0 in the student reference, or a space at the end. If the details do not match perfectly then it won't let you create an account.

  • ​If you are not sure which email addresses we have recorded or if one of the email addressed needs changing, then unfortunately we cannot give this information out to you directly. To access or change the email we have recorded we would need to get a request from the student. This is necessary to prevent the possibility of unauthorised access to a students personal information.

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