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JLC students sat in the Arc


Your Learner


在 John Leggott College,我们为学生提供全面的支持,使他们能够成功地发展到他们选择的职业和未来的抱负。我们的 Learner Pathways 团队中有一个专门的职业顾问团队,他们与我们的学生单独合作,在他们学习之旅的下一步中为他们提供支持。

政府鼓励大学使用 Gatsby Benchmarks 来改善职业规划,这些基准是最佳实践的蓝图。 

John Leggott College Progress Tutor Session.

Discover your
future career

At John Leggott College we help students plan their career and progression, whatever their aspirations, to help leaners to fulfil their ambitions and achieve their goals. Our dedicated Learner Pathway Team consists of Career Advisors who provide professional CEAG, and Work Placement Advisors that coordinate our work experience provision. 


We work with students to:

  • Provide 1:1 impartial careers advice and guidance

  • Explore potential progression pathways

  • Develop and enhance employability skills

  • Support applications for University, Apprenticeships, Employment and Further Training

  • Provide techniques and support for interviews

  • Provide CV and application support

  • Provide employer links and opportunities

  • Source and undertake work experience

A john leggott college student with a careers advisor

The Baker

贝克条款于 2018 年 1 月作为对 2017 年技术和继续教育法案的修正案引入。贝克条款规定,学校必须允许大学和培训机构与 8-13 年级的每位学生讨论可用的非学术路线给他们。预计这样做将有助于应对英国的生产力挑战,并解决多个经济部门的技能短缺问题。

The Gatsby










在学习者途径团队重组后,目前的职业计划正在审查中。我们正在根据 Gatsby Benchmarks 和 CDI 框架使用我们的学习者、他们的父母或监护人以及我们的外部利益相关者的反馈来评估该计划。这项审查每年进行一次,学习者途径团队汇总反馈,以告知和加强职业计划。  请参阅下面的职业计划示例,如果您想了解有关当前职业计划的更多信息,请联系职业主管 Samantha Robinson -

点击 这里 查看大学职业计划示例。

JLC Careers

John Leggott College staff working together

next steps

Throughout the academic year, John Leggott College hosts multiple career events; from the “Next Steps Event", to sector-specific talks with local and national organisations and employers, where they will talk directly to students about their own career progression, about their organisation and what it is like working there.

We also organise a number of visits to universities and employers throughout the year, and offer support on specific career elements such as finding the right pathway, helping create a good personal statement for university, writing a CV or cover letter and interview and application preparation.

All students have access to a 1-1 impartial Careers Appointment with a L6 trained member of staff. Students can request an appointment via their Google Classroom Careers page.

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