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Two Years


5 GCSEs at Grade 4, including English, Maths and Science. Additionally, it is essential that students participate in practical sports.


This course is assessed through a variety of different methods such as exams, practical assessments, written reviews, observational analysis plus many more to develop students' skill set.

About this course

The CTEC Sport and Physical Activity qualifications are for anyone who wants to study sport, leisure or fitness. This qualification is not just about being able to play sport, it will provide students with the skills, knowledge and understanding to progress into Higher Education on a sport-related programme such as Sport and Physical Education, Sport Science, Sport Coaching and Development or Sport and Leisure Management. We offer different size qualifications so that students can build a programme to suit themselves and their next steps. To support academic studies, our sport enrichment programme allows students a chance to train and compete for the college on a weekly basis, with opportunities to compete at a national level. This allows students to place into practice the theoretical principles learnt in the classroom. Additionally, PE and Sport students are provided opportunities to complete work experience both locally and internationally as part of the Turing Scheme.

A John Leggott College Football Student kicking a football into a goal.


Kate Clark

Who is this aimed at?

This course is aimed at students who:

  • Wish to study sport alongside other subjects, or to solely study sport

  • It is ideal for students who prefer to take a course where the assessment methods are more coursework based rather than 100% exams. 

  • Would like a course that leads into higher education

  • Would like to develop the skill set and experiences required to progress directly into employment in any sector but specifically the sport, leisure and recreation sector.

What will you learn?

  • Extended Certificate (equivalent to 1 A Level) Students will study a total of 6 different units, with a mixture of external and internal assessments. - Unit 1: Body systems and the effects of physical activity (externally assessed) - Unit 2: Sports coaching and activity leadership (internally assessed) - Unit 3: Sports organisations and development (externally assessed) - Unit 11: Physical activity for specific groups (internally assessed) - Unit 12: Nutrition and diet for sport and exercise (internally assessed) - Unit 17: Sports injuries and rehabilitation (internally assessed) 

  • Diploma (equivalent to 2 A Levels) In additional to the above units, students will also study the following 6 units - Unit 4: Working safely in sport, exercise, health and leisure (externally assessed) - Unit 5: Performance analysis in sport and exercise (internally assessed) - Unit 8: Organisation of sports events (internally assessed) -Unit 10: Biomechanics and movement analysis (internally assessed) - Unit 17: Sports injuries and rehabilitation (internally assessed) - Unit 18: Practical skills in sport and exercise (internally assessed) 

  • Extended Diploma (equivalent to 3 A Levels) In additional to all the above units, students will also study the following 5 units - Unit 7: Improved fitness for sport and physical activity (internally assessed) - Unit 13: Health and fitness testing for sport and exercise (internally assessed) - Unit 19: Sport and exercise psychology (internally assessed) - Unit 20: Sport and exercise sociology (internally assessed) - Unit 21: The business of sport (externally assessed)

What skills will you develop?

  • Communication 

  • Problem solving 

  • Self reflection 

  • Planning 

  • Time management 

  • Leadership 

  • Team work 

  • Resilience

Professional development

  • PE Teaching 

  • Sports Coach 

  • Strength and Conditioning 

  • Coach Sports 

  • Analyst Sports 

  • Therapist 

  • Personal Trainer

  • Sports Marketing 

  • Sports Journalism

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